car insuranceUltimate guide to your car insurance

Why do you need car insurance in the first place?

In order to drive legally, besides your car registration, you will also need car insurance. But, what is really a car insurance? A car insurance includes the guarantee that, in case of an accident, you and the other party are insured of the damages. This means that every damage your car, or you as a driver gets is being paid from the insurance company. It’s always to be prepared before an accident happens, and this is the perfect example for you.

In a market that offers a variety of car insurance policies, the client might get confused on what one is supposed to select. The good news is that we’re here to help you make the best decision with this article! Whatever your position might be, this being part of theft, damage or accident, we will help you pick the best policy available. We will take in account many things, such as price rate etc. and will help you get an informed decision about the policy. At us, comparing quotes is really easy and pretty quick.


Factors affecting your car insurance premium

Insurance may take in account many things and many factors when calculating your insurance. This will include i.E :

Vehicle type- The vehicle that you drive plays a big role on your insurance. If you have a rather expensive car or a high performance vehicle you’ll probably be in a high insurance group and will be equal to paying more for your insurance.

Age- The history of your driving plays a huge role too. If you’re a young driver, you will have to pay more for insurance, since the younger the driver the more likely he is to cause an accident.

Occupation- Particular jobs can impact on the payment of your insurance. If you’re a chef or a journalist for that matter, your car insurance could be way more than other jobs.

Use of vehicle- The fact of your milestone on your car, the way you use it(transport, deliver etc) and when you travel can make a huge impact on your insurance payment. Travelling with a busy peak times can increase your payment for a good insurance.

Where you live – If your house is in an area where crimes happened more often than not, it could affect the impact of your insurance. The more dangerous your area of living, the likelier it is to have an accident, hence the higher the insurance will be.

Problems you might have choosing a good insurance company

Buying a new car is always exciting and one of the highest points in your life. Making sure that you chose the best car that fits your needs is top priority. But, what can be tricky is to choose the best car insurance, and it’s just as important as the car itself. We have dedicated this article exactly for that matter and issue. Now, when you first buy your car and drive it from the dealership to your home, your car insurance is not the first thing you think of. However, sooner or later you will have to deal with it.

Pricey insurance companies – what else is new, right? One of the main reasons it’s so hard to find a good insurance company is to find a good price for your car. Now, if you buy a new car it’s true that you have some money aside that you saved for rainy days. But, what after 2 years? What now seems to be fair price can be pretty expensive when things get tight. We pride themselves in the best prices of car insurance so our customers will have the best experience and not worry about payments.

car insuranceThe insurance companies base their quotes on how much they will have to pay should the vehicle be part of an accident. Not to forget that car have depreciation on value and it’s not uncommon for a vehicle to lose value within months. You might be surprised and probably let down to what you will receive if you have accident in the first year. It’s small things like these that you have to take in consideration before you choose an insurance company.

Young drivers and their car insurance

We understand that everyone’s needs are different from each other for car insurance. While we consider this, even drivers who just got their license and bought a car have their own problems. What we aim is to provide you with clear, safe and concise information in a way that it won’t be too complicated for you. This is because many policies exist in this particular field of work, and often people get confused. We won’t try to make things more complex, but rather easier.

We will try to give you facts in a clear and easy way to understand where you’re spending your money on car insurance. Most car insurance companies try to take advantage of new drivers and make them pay unnecessary stuff, well, just because they can. But, we can give you a few tips on what to avoid in these situations:

  1. Shop around for the best deals – Don’t just stop at the very first car insurance company and get the whole process done there. But rather, make a couple rounds around other companies and find out what they can charge you for it. It’s not a shame if you go in and just ask for the price, actually it’s pretty normal. You will be amazed how much can the price change from one company to the other.
  2. Don’t forget to bargain – Never settle for the first price they offer! For starters, every company tends to raise their income, in every way possible. It’s just the way it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, what you can do about it is to bargain. Set the price lower than the first offer and start to debate. It’s not that hard to do, but has great results.
  3. Ask a more experienced driver – There’s always the choice of asking someone who had more experience than you in these things. They can give you tips and tricks on what to do and what to avoid in those situations. There are some things you can learn the easy way by asking, not the hard way by doing them and making mistakes.

Why choose our car insurance?

Here at Instant Tags PA we are experts at supplying you with your car insurance in Philadelphia. We have dedicated our time in hiring the best staff possible for this job so you won’t waste valuable time. We believe that it’s only fair for you to know how much you should spend in car insurance, so we offer you the best prices. Our procedures are way easier than those of the competition which can be kind of confusing at times. We’re not here only when you file for a car insurance , but also in case of an accident!

When it comes to an accident, our team will strive to help you to get an outcome for as soon as possible. Anyone can find themselves in an accident, be that the other parties fault or theirs. That’s why car insurances are the one solution for you. And what is good about our car insurance, that the same attention goes to theft and damages besides accidents. It’s even more likely to find yourself in a theft of your car than an accident, so you should be prepared for that too. However, if you have more question regarding our car insurance in Philadelphia, please call us and we will take care of it for you

Other than a free auto insurance quote, Instant Auto Tags offers way more. In need of a Title work? We supply it! Looking for a car insurance in Philadelphia? Call our number 215 774 1332! You are one phone call away to get your car insured in the easiest way possible. If you have a question, please visit our F.A.Q page for more information