How different are auto tags for new cars?

Generally speaking, most of what is required for auto tags in new cars is not the same as for the old cars. This is because it’s the first time that the car is being registered with the proper authority. Now, if you buy a new car the dealership handles most of the paperwork process and here’s the difference mostly. A new car does not require an emission test for starters, since it’s brand new and thus is not damaging the environment. Secondly, you are not required to have a title transfer since you’re the first owner of the car.

It’s small details like this that make up the whole difference whether you should buy a new or old car. However, it’s not that different, you still need some similar documents on both cases. You will have to have proof that the car belongs to you, you have to have it registered. Also, the car insurance can’t be excluded from the process. This is to prove that you are secure in case of an accident that might occur while driving. It’s mainly to provide the state a fee to drive the car legally through town. If you have any question about our auto tags service Philadelphia you can come visit us. We are located at 19124 Frankford AVE and are opened Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Is the process shorter or longer for new cars?

It is mostly depending on two facts: where are you buying from and where are you getting your auto tags from? The process of where you’re buying your car from is a main factor on the duration of the whole process. A good dealership has already most of the documents ready since they are a template the state provides them with. This includes the paperwork that the car is being transferred to your name and that is registered etc. However, if they lack those paper the process might take a while and you would lose precious time for no reason. So, you have to choose carefully where you buy the new car from.

The company that you choose for you auto tags service Philadelphia plays also a huge role in the process. Since you are not allowed legally to drive without auto tags, you first have to apply and get them. The process is mainly the same: the company requires paperwork from you so the process gets started. We, as a company that offers this service, are mostly focused on getting the process done as soon as possible. So, if you choose us you will have your auto tags in no time! Call us today and book an appointment at +1 215 744 1332, or e-mail us at [email protected].