Have our agent from mobile notary handle the traveling for you

Life is unexpected and you can find yourself far away from where you’re supposed to be for some important paperwork. If a transaction should be happening that needs your signature, you might not always be around. And that might lead to a problem that we have a brilliant solution for – Mobile notary. Basically, what a mobile notary service is, is that an agent of ours will travel the distance from the paperwork to you for you. Traveling, not only will cost you money, but also time that you might use differently in a better way. It’s one of those things that come in handy and you know are valuable when you need them most.

Most of the transaction that require a mobile notary service are the process of buying and selling certain things. Imagine if you have a house on sale in Philadelphia 19124, but you’re far away from it. Suddenly, the real estate agent calls you to tell you that the house is sold and needs your signature. Now, you might be full of work and tasks, thus have it impossible to travel. We would do the traveling part for you and bring the paperwork to you. Simple as that. All we would need are the address of the paperwork, and the address you want them delivered. The rest is up to us!

How expensive is a mobile notary service?

Well, it mostly depends on the distance the traveling has to be. The amount of paperwork is totally irrelevant in this case. No matter how much documents you have to sign and have delivered, the price would remain the same. What matters is the distance our agent would have to travel in order to get the job done. For more information about pricing, please call us at +1 215 774 1332 and we will inform you exactly how much it would cost.

If you look at how much you save from your time and stress about a certain process, the price is really low. The majority of people would lose more money if the get breaks from their jobs to travel distances for their paperwork. Since there can be hours and hours of road trips, you would have to take breaks from your job and have days be unpaid. Do the smart thing, write us at [email protected] and we will handle it for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!