Registering your car is an essential asset that you are obligated to do as an American Tax Paying citizen. Instant Autotags does not offer only car registration but we also could be of help in car insurance. With this being said, your needs for documentation and notary formalities are simplified and that is what we excel on.

Your Car Has Never Looked So Complete

Our ways to fix these issues are very direct and evidently have been effective for quite the time. From all the services, we have boiled down our essentials that you will need. In short, the list that will indeed give you a little clearer view of what our team does best at this aspect is:

  • car registration and insurance holder
  • car insurance and registration holder
  • car wallet registration insurance

We openly invite you to come and get your work sorted out so that there is no precious time wasted, and you receive all the paperwork needed to drive with no worry for any boring incomplete documents. Click here to see our location.

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4651 FRANKFORD AVE 19124
215 774 1332
10.00 Am – 05.00 Pm
After 05:00 appointment only.

At the same location we provide multi-service such as:

  • Notary Service
  • Mobile Notary Service
  • Fax Service
  • Instant House Keys
  • Copy Service
  • Custom Printing Service (Like T-shirts, Business Cards, Hats, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Signs etc.)

Philadelphia is a very comforting city with many traditions, and it is our business that is trying the best to create a more complete environment for everyone struggling with little formalities that most of the time are just annoying and time-consuming. We simply eliminate these problems.