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1What happens if I lose my title or registration card?
You can order duplicates. But they come at a cost so make sure to keep them in a safe place. Registration cards are instant, Titles come within 2-4 weeks.
2What things do I need to bring with me when I come to register my car Instant Tags?
  • PA License or PA ID
  • Insurance card
  • Title signed by seller and notarized if needed
3If i register my car today, how long do i have to wait for tags and registration?
That same day. We give “instant” tags and registrations.
4How do I renew my registration instantly?
By walking into our store Mon – Sat, 10am-5pm, representing your insurance card the soon expired/expired registration card, and your PA ID. And
5Can I still register my car, if it has a lien?
Yes, with the right paperwork and procedure.
6How does a vehicle become unregistered?
Your deadline of your vehicle to be unregistered is the midnight of the expiry date. Driving an unregistered vehicle is a serious illegal offence. Also, if you don’t renew your registration within three months of expiry date, it will be canceled! In this case you have to return your number plate within the 14 days of cancellation date. It’s also illegal to keep the number plates after this date.
7When does my vehicle need an inspection?
Most light vehicle including cars, motorbike, trailers etc. that are less than five years old do not require an inspection for a renewal. However, if your car or vehicle is more than five years old, it’s required to go through a procedure of an inspection.
8What paper should I provide if I want to sell my vehicle?
You are required to provide the new owner with a safety inspection report, the registration paper, bill of sale and the auto tags. Most of them are issued by the company you registered your car to, so no big deal here.
9How to know when my registration is due when you’re lacking a label in the car?
Many insurance companies will send you a registration renewal notice in the post in about six weeks before your registration will expire. You can also sign up to get the subscription for e-mails and text messages.
10When the time expires, am I required to remove the old label?
No! It’s no longer considered illegal to have your old label in your car. It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep it or remove it.
11How will the police know when my vehicle is registered without the label?
Police now use number plate recognition cameras that automatically detect whether a vehicle is unregistered. These cameras also recognizes unregistered vehicles.
12What if I’m driving someone’s car that I don’t know is unregistered?
The minute you start driving a car, its YOUR responsibility to check if it’s registered. Driving an unregistered car, and if it’s not yours either, could result to a heavy penalty!
13What is the notification and reminder service?
The notification and reminder service is an unpaid service that allow you to get notified when your car is about to have its registration expired. It has the options via the e-mail or SMS.
14 What information is in the reminder service?
E-mail notification are more specific than SMS ones. In an e-mail the date of your registration expiry, and the insurance (green slip) is included. In some cases, it will also let you know if you need eSafety Check before your renewal.
15If I have two different vehicles, will I get separate reminds for each vehicle?
Yes. The service offers an opportunity to have two vehicles, and get information separately for each vehicle.
16Why are some vehicle taxed at a lower rate than other?
Many things have impacts in this case. I.e some vehicles weighing between 976kg and 2504kg the tax increases. The size of the engine plays a role here too. So basically, the bigger the engine, the more taxes you have to pay
17What CO2 emission is used?
The Green Vehicle Guide provides three C02 emission figures: Urban, extra urban and combined emissions. The combined is the first two figures combined together and is the most suitable figure to determine a vehicle’s overall CO2 emissions.
18What is an individually constructed vehicle?
Vehicles that are built on specifically constructed floorpans structures are considered individually constructed vehicles
19What is a VIN?
A Vehicle Identification Number are issued to identify a specific automobile. It’s like a name for your car, or a fingerprint. It’s unique and differentiates your car from the other ones.