Walk-Ins Welcome, Appointment Scheduling Available

Sales Tax not included in any of the prices. Sales Tax varies upon the vehicle owner's address/zip code

These fees do not apply to trucks, tractors, or trailers

Auto Tag ServicesPrice
Title Transfer + New Registration + New Tag$239.00
Title Trasnfer + Registration & Tag Transfer$185.00
Registration renewal - 1 year$86.00
Registration renewal - 2 years$136.00
Title Transfer Only$145.00
New Registration + New Tag (Already Has PA Title in Their Name$147.00
Duplicate Title$107.00
Replacement Plate$90.00
Duplicate Registration Card$43.00
Motorcycle Title Transfer + New Registration + New Tag$208.00
Motorcycle Registration Renewal - 1 year$65.00
In-Transit Tag (Must have PA title)$97.00
New Reconstructed Title + New Registration + New Tag$250.00
Gift Affidavit $10.00
Notary ServicesPrices
Written or Typed Letter Notarization$10.00
Legal Document/ Application Notarization$15.00
Tile Notarization$20.00
Copy Certification Notarization$20.00
Birth Certificate Notarization$25.00
Per Witness Fee$5.00
Power of Attorney Print-out $20.00
Document Type-up$25.00+
Fax, Copy, Print ServicesPrices
Fax 1st Page$1.50
Fax Additional Page$1.00
B&W Copy$0.50
Color Copy$1.00
Email Printout$1.00
Website Printout$1.25
Scan & Email$1.50
Standard Key Copy$3.00
Special Key Copy$4.00