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Sales Tax Not Included On Any Prices. Sales Tax Varies Upon Zip Code of Vehicle Owner

Title WorkPrice
Title Only Transfer$115.00
New Issue Registration$185.00
Title & Tag Transfer Registration$165.00
Transit Tag$70.00
Title Correction$72.00
Duplicate Title$75.00
Reconstruction Title$225.00
Salvage Title $75.00
Lienholder/Bank Title Request$25.00
Registration WorkPrices
Car Registration Renewal$66.00
Replacement Plate/Sticker$65.00
Duplicate Registration Card$30.00
Truck Registration Renewal
varies on weight class
Motorcycle Registration Renewal$45.00
Other Tag ServicesPrices
Notary Fee Letter Document$5.00
Witness/Per Witness Fee$3.00
Legal Document Notary Fee$10.00
Fax 1st Page$1.50
Additional Faxes$1.00
Birth & Death Certificates$65.00
Power of Attorney Print-out $20.00
Miscellaneous Fees Prices
Instant Address Changes on Registration Card$16.00
Faxes to/From Internet
Insurance Companies
Vehicle Inquiry $15.00