Don’t own a fax and copy machine? No problem!

Have you ever been traveling for work, or you’re on the road with a client and need a faxing or copying documents, but are unable to since you don’t own the machines? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Our office now offers sending and receiving local, domestic and international faxes! The process has been made easier for you, all you have to do is provide the sender with our fax address and we will take care of the rest. The same goes with sending, we just need to know what you want to send and the address. All of this will be done for a reasonable price, so it would be way cheaper than owning a faxing machine.

As for the copying, we have the scanning devices ready for any copy you might need. Whether it’s A2, A3, A4 or A5, we will copy it for you. Now, many people nowadays lack of a copier at home since the cost of copying is lower than owning one. While you’re at copying, we also offer scanning the product too! It turns hard copies into electronic images or files based on what you need. It also preserves important files electronically so they won’t get lost. Our service of fax and copy offers the best prices. You can find our fax and copy service near 4651 Frankford AVE. If you have any question regarding our service, please call us at 1 215 744 1332 and we will inform you with any question you might have.

What documents can be fax and copied?

Usually, a fax contains important messages sent through the fax machine to the delivery address. But it has certain rules too. There are some rules that are mandatory such as:

  • The fax needs to be addressed
  • It needs the receivers fax number
  • It needs the date it was sent
  • It needs a sensible title so the receiver will know what it’s about
  • It needs to include the message or an image of the message

With all these details, the fax will be clear for the receiver and will avoid any confusion. A fax document can contain a short message, a long message, an image, a chart in some cases. So basically anything you want the receiver to be informed about your fax.

The copying on the other hand, is way easier than faxing. If you have a document and you need 50 identical documents, the copy machine makes it happen in matter of seconds. What it does is that it scans your document, and then prints the number of copies you want to make. Whether it’s a contract and multiple parties need copies, or it’s a test from a professor. Copying has a large variety of requests, so whatever document you need multiplied this is the best choice for you. We are located in 4651 Frankford AVE and you can also reach us at [email protected]. We are looking forward to hearing from you!