First of all, what is a mobile notary service?

A mobile notary service is the service of having someone travel distances to bring you paperwork that need your signing. Generally speaking, a notary is there to witness signatures on legal documents and verify the identity of the person who does. This being said, the mobile part is the traveling part. Often people find themselves in positions that make the traveling unable, and their signature is mandatory. Our service makes this easier, since one of our agents will do the traveling for you! So, if you’re stuck at work and unable to travel, don’t stress out. Let us worry about the long road and the timetable of the process.

A mobile notary service can be applied to these cases:

  • Real estate – mortgage closing documents, title transfers etc.
  • Attorneys – interrogations, statements etc.
  • Automobile notary services – auto dealerships, title transfers etc.
  • General notary services – documents in support of disability claims, wills, medal directives etc.

This opens up a whole new world of opportunities to cover business transactions miles and miles away. Call us today at 1 215 744 1332 and get more information about our mobile notary service!

When is a mobile notary service required?

A notary’s signature is required in many legal document forms that need closing or finalizing. Sooner or later everyone will be in need of a mobile notary service if you’re far away from the process that needs your signature. I.e if your real estate agent sells your house, but unfortunately you’re far away for the signature, you need our service! In this case, an agent of ours would collect the documents that needs your signature and bring them to you. Of course this comes with a fee, but in the proportion of the service offered, the price is rather acceptable.

mobile notaryIt’s a legal requirement for many documents and transactions to be finalized to be notarized. But, finding a local notary service can be time consuming and often results to no good. The service could go wrong, due to lack of experience, or they could take up too much time for the process. The smart choice from the possibilities is our service, since we don’t bother you with additional paperwork needs. We have one straight mission: to bring the paperwork that need your signing to you! You can contact us at our e-mail [email protected] and ask us any question you want to know. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible.