What should you provide?

The paperwork you should provide in order to get a car registration in Philadelphia are the usual. You should own a proper identification, be that an ID card or in some cases a passport. This is used to know who the car belongs, or to whom should it be registered. Also, included should be a car insurance proof, that clearly indicates that in case of an accident you and everyone involved in the accident is insured. If applicable, you should also own a certificate of inspection. This is needed to get a car registration in Philadelphia because it certifies that the car was in good condition at the time of inspection.

Average cost of a car registration in Philadelphia

Based on the vehicle type that you want to register, the cost may vary. I.e getting a car registration in Philadelphia costs around 36$, while a motorcycle costs 18$. But you will also have to pay title fees, which for a car costs 51$, but if you want to get a lien recorded title it will cost you a whopping 75$. What plays a role also is whether you buy the car from an individual or a car dealership. It determines whether you pay taxes for PennDOT or the car dealership. The PennDOT has a 8% tax bill if you live in the city of Philadelphia, while the rest of Pennsylvania has a smaller one with only 6%.

Are you new to Philadelphia?

If you are new and on the verge to get a car registration in Philadelphia you will have only 20 days to register with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) once you move to the state. Before you do that, you have to own a driver’s license, which is obviously a must. You have to be in possession of a Pennsylvania car insurance, and a verification of your vehicle identification number. To get a vehicle identification number you can use tracing paper and pencil and provide one yourself, or take your vehicle to a certified inspection or notary.