Tag Transfer


Today you can make your way to Instant Tags Pa to transfer your PA License plate for any type of motor vehicle you have in the state of Pennsylvania. If you are an Out-Of-State resident moving to PA, we can also help with your tag transfer needs at our office located at 4651 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19124. A ag transfer is done when someone is transferring their previous vehicle’s license plate over to someone else’s name or they are transferring the tag to another vehicle they’ve purchased.
To complete a Tag Transfer, whether it be transferred to another vehicle from the same owner, or to another owner, everyone must show valid ID in Pennsylvania. Either the previous owner of the tag or new purchaser must also provide valid and up to date insurance coverage for tag transfer to be complete. All parties need to be present in presence with the Notary, in the office in order for the process to get started. Furthermore, registering the vehicle and ttransferring title all at once saves you money in comparance to doing them separately which will cost more.
Last but not least, tag transfers here at Instant Tags Pa will cost $65.00 and this covers all service and state fees due. Now if you are transferring your title and tags that will cost $135.00. Tag transfers are usually done when the previous owner or current owner are not in need of their tag, or license plate you can say and they transfer it to whomever they consent and sign to. We are glad to help and assist our customers during our normal operating hours, Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm.


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