Instant Auto Tags offers all kinds of services related to car registrations with an experience of over 30 years of professionalism, and a friendly staff that handles everything with a smile. We pride ourselves on providing the services of title work, registration work, insurance and other tag services. If you are in trouble to get your car insured or registered, we are the solution. You are welcome to our office located in 4651 FRANKFORD AVE, PA 19124, or get more information easily over the internet on our website Instant Auto tags.

Registration work

For a convenient experience of the registration work, we suggest that you choose Instant Auto tags in Philadelphia. We handle every paperwork needed to get a car registered as fast as possible. First of all, Philadelphia residents must register their vehicles for the first time, whether it is purchased or a given one. The time table that a car must be registered is 10 days, which we make our goals to not letting it happen. The paperwork is mainly details about the driver, past experience and the statistics of the car, the fuel they require, the Horse power, the color etc. While this seems too much work, Instant Auto tags is here for you to make it easier.

Car insurance

Like in any other state, there are certain rules that apply to get your car insured . Instant Auto tags in Philadelphia has listed some of the requirements that can be done by the person who insures it. The current declaration page, which will provide proof that you do have insurance, your driver license, and for it to be valid. And the other requirement will be the Voided Check. The voided check is typical for the insurance company to require it, because it can accurately set up your account for withdrawal in the future.

Why choose Instant Auto tags in Philadelphia

Instant Auto tags give you quality protection at a great scale of price in proportion to a great service. Every policy comes with the support of a knowledgeable and friendly agent from our group. With all the personal attention and care, you will be provided with all the information and decision you need to choose the car insurance coverage that makes the most sense to you, with a reasonable price. And also, with Instant Auto tags in Philadelphia, you’ll get more than top-notch auto insurance and enjoy many other services and benefits that helps you keep your car up-to-date with the insurance part of it.