What do you require for a car registration in Philadelphia ?

After you buy a car, first thing you’ll need to do is register it to your local Department of Motor Vehicles or other local entity that sets the regulations in Philadelphia. The documents you might require are : to have a title in your name, to pass and emission test, to pass a vehicle safety inspection and to be covered by car insurance.  After you pass those steps, you will be given a license plate, which is howyour car gets recognized. But we tend to make things go easier and make you more comfortable while doing it, with the least amount of time possible.

Getting a car registration in Philadelphia

There are different processes and ways of registering your newly bought vehicle, depending on the fact that you bought the car from a dealership, or perhaps you purchased it from a private individual. This fact is really important, because it changes how things flow. If you buy a car from a dealership, they will generally take care of most of the paperwork, and also provide you with a temporary registration for you to keep driving it until the registration. On the other hand, if you bought it from an individual, those privileges go away, and you only have 10 days to register it.


What is an emission test?

Almost every vehicle in Philadelphia have to pass an emission test in order to get registered as an available and drivable car. So in order to get a car registration in Philadelphia it is required to do a vehicles emissions inspection program. But there are certain cars that this doesn’t apply to. For example, new cars that are manufactured in less then 6 years would be ordered to do an emission test every year for the first 6 years. The only vehicles that are not required to have an emission test are vehicles newer then 4 years old, hybrid and electrical cars, diesel vehicles model year 1997 and older, motorcycles and trailers.