Starting from the basics

car registration philadelphiaCar registration is a legal necessity that applies not only in Philadelphia, but the whole United States. A vehicle registration plate, an auto tag if you will, indicates the ID of your car. Depending on what country the car is registered, it contains a certain amount of numeric characters. A car registration in Philadelphia requires that all cars have to be registered once per year. If done otherwise, there is the possibility of receiving a large fine or jail time in some cases.

On your left is what a license plate that you get after a car registration in Philadelphia will look like. If starts with 3 letters, then follows 4 numbers, completing your unique car identification. It has to be unique since no two cars are allowed to have the same tables for the one and main reason: So the government can tell who the car belongs to.

What exactly is a car registration?

A car registration in Philadelphia is basically the proof or the evidence that you paid your taxes and fees of having a car and can drive legally. Car registration needs to occur for any of your vehicles that you tend to drive legally. With a car registration in Philadelphia comes your insurance and your title too. They’re an annual fee that you have to pay in order to complete your registration. The car registration is calculated according to many factors, including the car’s age, make, model and engine size.

In many states it’s a law to change your license plate every 3 years maximum for the issue of visibility. The reason why the license plates often become less visible during the night after around 3 years is that they simply get old! License plates usually come with reflective capabilities and after 3 years they begin to wear off. And since the police needs your license plate in order to identify your car, it’s a necessity to have a new one.