The basics

In order to keep driving your vehicle legally after the registration expires, you have to get a renewal. This means paying the same fees and taxes likes the past year. But what procedures are there at getting a Philadelphia car registration renewal? Well, first of all you have to :

  • Have your license plate number and the last 5 digits of your Vehicle id number (VIN)
  • Have your smog certification filed with DMV
  • Have a renewal notice that shows your correct home address

philadelphia registration renewal

After you get these, you’ve practically done your part and now it’s our duty to keep the work rolling. But lets get a little familiar with the process. A Philadelphia’s car registraton renewal actually has only four simple steps!

  1. Enter vehicle for the procedure
  2. Confirm record information and select payment option
  3. Agree with the terms and conditons
  4. Receive confirmation of your transaction

After these four steps are over, your car registration will be renewed and you’ll be free to go.


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